Japanese Avant-Garde Street Style w/ Takuya Angel, Zetsumetsu Kigushu & ACDC Panda Backpack

In Harajuku, we met 23-year-old Xoma18, whose display of avant-garde street style definitely drew eyes from the crowd.

Xoma18’s colorful look consists of a colorblock Takuya Angel jacket which features oversized yellow lapels and pink collar, and worn over a white jumper dress and blue ruffle coat dress from Zetsumetsu Kigushu. Blue tights, neon green and blue cutout sneakers, and a panda backpack from ACDC Rag were added to complete his outfit. He topped off his unique look with colorful accessories – mostly handmade and resale items – consisting of a polka dot cat ears cap embellished with a pink fuzzy mask and yellow feathers, sunglasses, multiple kawaii accessories, a pink boa claw necklace, a Beemo toy necklace, fuzzy pink claw cuffs, and multiple chunky rings.

He enjoys the music of Jun Togawa, a Japanese musician and actress. Foloow Xoma18 on Instagram and Twitter.

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