Japanese Casual Street Style w/ Comme des Garcons, Ganryu, Tokyo Bopper, Pink House & Stussy

Kaisei is a 14-year-old student who caught our attention on the Harajuku street with their use of bold colors in their streetwear choice.

Here we see Kaisei dressed in an orange suede jacket with printed and ribbed cuffs from Pink House, worn over a white Comme des Garcons peter pan collar shirt layered with a white mesh sweatshirt with striped hem. They paired their layered tops and jacket with Ganryu long blue shorts with side pockets, white socks, and a pair of platform sneakers from Tokyo Bopper. A Stussy crossbody bag, clear glasses, and an elephant print blue necktie completed their casual street style.

Popular boutique, San To Nibun No Ichi is Kaisei’s favorite fashion label, and they listen to the music of Japanese singer/songwriter/actress, Sakura Fujiwara. Follow Kaisei’s fashion and lifestyle adventures on Twitter.

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