Japanese Gay Couple in Harajuku w/ WC, LHP, Vivienne Westwood, MiracleCom & Himitsu No Miko

While out in Harajuku, we spotted Bisuko Ezaki and Mitsukun, a gay Japanese couple whose streetwear ensembles caught our eye. Bisuko is a famous Japanese subculture artist, and creator of the manga Menhera Chan.

At the left is Mitsukun, an occupational therapist. He is wearing a black-and-gold chain print shirt from LHP, black skinny pants from GU, and red Converse sneakers. His accessories – mostly from Vivienne Westwood – include sunglasses, an orb stud earring, and a black necklace. In addition, he is carrying a black LHP denim tote bag studded with black, gold and silver spikes.

Meanwhile, Bisuko stepped out in an all pink ensemble. The Japanese mangaka is clad in a pink t-shirt with contrast white trims and strawberry print, paired with pink pajama pants with a ruffled hem – both of which are from WC Harajuku. He slipped into a pair of Henry & Henry glitter slides, carried a pink quilted tote bag with ruffled edges, as well as a pink see-through glitter sling bag with a gold chain strap and a pink fuzzy keychain. Both bags are from Japanese kawaii fashion brand Miracle.com. Bisuko accessorized with items – some from Himitsu No Miko – such as a pink cap with rhinestone studs, white-framed Dior sunglasses, a rhinestone bangle, and a pink ruffle umbrella. Bisuko lists WC and Chuu as fashion favorites, and he enjoys the music of Tommy Heavenly6. Follow Bisuko on Instagram or Twitter.

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