Japanese Couple Street Style w/ Gloverall Toggle Coats, Pinnap, NRA Media, Dr. Martens, Kangol, Nile Perch & Nozomi Ishiguro

Catching out eye on the Harajuku street with their matching outfits are Takako and Masao, a couple popular for their matching streetwear styles.

At the left is Masao, who is clad in a bright red hooded toggle coat from Gloverall, which features belted sleeve cuffs. He styled his coat with a resale red collar shirt, white denim pants from NRA Media, and a pair of white Dr. Martens boots with brogue style detailing and red heart cutouts. Rounding out his red-and-white style are a white Kangol knit beret, black-framed eyeglasses, and a white crossbody bag with a huge red heart design from Nile Perch. Masao is active on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, Takako is also dressed in a matching red hooded toggle coat from Gloverall, which she paired with a light blue cowl neck sweater from Pinnap and white pants with fringed hems from Nozomi Ishiguro. A pair of colorblocked purple-and-red platform suede sneakers with red heart print laces from Pameo Pose, a denim sling bag with embroidered patches and plushie keychains, and a red furry hat with a blue polka-dot print bow finished off her outfit. Ombre pink-and-purple twin braids and two-tone hama beads earrings rounded out her style. Takako is also active on Instagram.

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