Japanese Dancer P-Chan in Harajuku w/ Vintage Quilted Coat, Jumpsuit, MEI Hat & Bershka Chunky Platform Sneakers

P-Chan is a 20-year-old Japanese dancer, performer, model, and artist who has been popular in the Harajuku street style scene for quite a few years now. He got his start in the Japanese dance group Tempura Kidz, and he is still active in that group today!

When we met P-Chan on the street in Harajuku this time, he was wearing a white vintage oversized quilted coat over a resale shiny blue jumpsuit, an MEI hat, and white Bershka chunky sneakers.

P-Chan’s favorite brand is 6%DOKIDOKI, where he sometimes works, and he likes the music of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Follow P-Chan on Twitter and Instagram for more of his dance and fashion.

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