Japanese DJ in Harajuku w/ Milkboy, Hysteric Glamour, Viviano Sue & Dr. Martens

Ohshi Uemoto is a composer, pianist and DJ. His statement making outfit and hair caught our eye on the street in Harajuku.

Ohshi is wearing colorful pants with digital print NASA design from Milkboy, an “Electric Dream” sleeveless tee from Hysteric Glamour, a print tote bag from Viviano Sue, and a pair of white Dr. Martens boots with metallic pink hearts design and pink laces. His accessories – all from Milkboy – include a triangle earring, ear cuffs, a spike belt bracelet with a chain connecting to his belt with skulls and razors.

Ohshi’s favorite brand is Milkboy and he loves listening to EDM and classical music. He is active on Instagram and Twitter.

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