Japanese DJ, Vintage Fashion Buyer & Model in Harajuku w/ One Side Hairstyle, GILA Choker, Winged Harness, Jimsinn Pleated Skirt, Sheer Tights & Buffalo Platform Sneakers

Making a statement on the streets of Harajuku is Kifujin – a DJ, vintage fashion buyer, model and streetwear personality we often feature on our street snaps.

This day, Kifujin stepped out in a yellow long sleeve distressed top with silver cuff detailing. They donned a blue Jimsinn pleated skirt panel over black short shorts and green sheer tights, and stepped into a pair of white Buffalo platform sneakers. Kifujin brushed their partially shaved hair over to one side, donned black eye makeup, a blue lipstick, and accessorized with black GILA leather chokers, a black leather winged harness, and a red leather leg harness. In addition, they are carrying a black crocodile leather handbag.

Check out Kifujin’s eye-catching streetwear looks on Instagram.

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