Japanese Fashion Designer in Avant-Garde Street Style w/ Necktie, Comme des Garcons, Frammy, Vintage Tops & Coin Glasses

It was hard to miss TKM®freedom and his extreme streetwear style on the Harajuku street one evening.

The 21-year-old fashion designer stepped out wearing a vintage multicolored cardigan, worn over a floral print bow top. He styled his layered tops with layered bottoms, which consists of a black pleated skirt from Comme des Garcons and a long colorful asymmetric printed skirt from Frammy®. Pink ribbed socks with contrast stripes, metallic purple platform heels with leopard prints, and a printed drawstring backpack from Frammy® completed his outfit. TKM embellished his style extreme fashion style with black-and-red eye makeup, smudged lipstick, coin-framed sunglasses, a pendant necklace, a printed necktie, silver chains, and multiple knuckle rings.

For more of his extreme fashion and avant-garde looks, follow TKM on Twitter and Instagram.

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