Japanese Fashion Designer in Harajuku w/ Twin Purple Tails, Lace Headdress, Nile Perch, 6%DokiDoki, Candy Stripper, Ank Rouge Glitter Bag & Yosuke Platforms

Recently we street-snapped Yunyun, a 20-year-old fashion designer who we’ve often seen in Harajuku.

Sporting curly twin tails with purple hair tips, Yunyun is dressed in a pink sweater, worn over a white lace collar blouse, both of which are from Candy Stripper. She styled her tops with a resale long red skirt, black lace-up platform boots from Yosuke and a pink glitter sling bag with a lace-up bow detail from Ank Rouge. Accessories – from Nile Perch and 6%DokiDoki – include a pink lace headdress, pink hair bows, a beaded necklace with a heart pendant, and multiple heart and bow rings.

Yunyun is active on Twitter and Instagram, follow her!

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