Japanese Fashion Student w/ Orange Twin Tails, Corset, Organza Skirt, Ruffle Blouse & Heart Handbag

Asotama is an 18-year-old student who we bumped into near Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo. Her unique and interesting outfit easily caught our eye.

Sporting two-tone twin tails, Asotama’s style consists of a blue and gold satin shrug from Johaq, worn over a white Axes ruffle neck long sleeve shirt with lace flared cuffs and lace-up sleeve details, a tan corset with lace details, and a green organza skirt from Johaq. White sheer socks with flower embroidery, black platform lace-up shoes, and accessories such as a black pillbox hat, cute rings and a two-tone heart handbag from Kitamura completed Asotama’s unique style.

Dog in the Parallel World Orchestra (Dog in the PWO) is Asotama’s favorite musical act, and she is active on Instagram.

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