Japanese Freelancer in Artsy Fashion Style w/ Hand-Me-Downs, Vintage Pieces & Bubbles Platform Boots

Going by the moniker of Cursedcorndog, we came across this 20-something-year-old freelancer on the Harajuku street one morning.

Cursedcorndog’s fashion style consists of a black hand-me-down textured maxi coat, which she wore with a grey striped blazer, a white hoodie jacket, and a colorblock dress, all of which are from her mother’s. White and blue striped socks, and platform lace up boots from Bubbles completed her outfit. Accessories include a blue beret, large hoop earrings with dangling hands, a nose ring, colorful coat badges, and a silver chain.

The Four-Eyed is her fashion favorite, and she listens to the music of American multi-instrumentalist, Todd Rundgreen. For her social media updates, follow Cursedcorndog on Instagram.

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