Japanese Geta Sandals x Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars & White Gloves Street Style in Harajuku

Asato is a 21-year-old Japanese college student we met on the street in Harajuku.

Asato is wearing an amazing pair of split toe Converse sneakers hand customized to be worn with traditional Japanese geta sandals. His all white look features a belted long vintage coat over a button up shirt from H&M, pants by the Japanese brand HARE, a D&G necktie, handmade gloves, and a handmade bag that evokes the traditional Japanese kinchaku drawstring bag that is usually carried when wearing kimono.

The highlight of the outfit is his handmade Converse All Star x traditional Japanese geta wooden sandals.

Asato’s favorite fashion brands include Toga, GVGV, and Kenzo. He likes the music of Yoeko Kurahashi and Nigami 17-Sai. Follow Asato on Instagram if you’d like to see more of his fashion.

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