Japanese Goth Style vs Gothic Lolita w/ Two Tone Twin Tails, Kuuai Headdress, Spiny Cream, Baby The Stars Shine Bright Heart Bag, Miho Matsuda, Brindle Armor Rings, Putumayo & Demonia

Standing out on the streets of Harajuku one early evening are Remon and Tau, two Japanese students dressed in goth and gothic lolita street styles. Let’s take a closer look at their individual styles:

At the left is Remon sporting black-and-red half color hair in twin tails. The 17-year-old is clad in a red blouse from Putumayo, which features puff sleeves, ruffled front trims and black ruffled collar. She also wore a black tiered ruffle skirt from ACDC Rag, and added a sheer black apron from Spiny Cream with ruffled trims, a white pleated heart detail, and white pleated trims. She donned black knee-high lace socks, stepped into platform lace-up booties from Demonia, and carried a monochrome print clasp sling bag from Killstar. Remon embellished her Lolita look with accessories such as a pleated lace headdress from Kuuai, small silver hoop earrings, a white lace Spiny Cream choker, a black geometric necklace and silver cross pendant necklace from Restyle and Miho Matsuda, skeleton cross lapel pins, a black-and-red beaded bracelet and multiple armor rings from Brindle. In addition, Remon is also toting a black leather crossbody bag with a graphic print detail. Remon lists Killstar and Demonia as her fashion favorites, and she enjoys the music of R Sound Design. For more of her streetwear looks and her social media updates, follow Remon on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, 20-year-old Tau stepped out in a monochrome gothic lolita style, which consists of a white long-sleeve button down blouse with eyelet lace trims and a black Lolita dress, which features eyelet lace trims, ruffles and a bow belt, both of which are from Japanese Lolita fashion brand, Angelic Pretty. Tau finished off her style with white stockings, black leather heeled shoes with ankle straps, a bow headdress from Angelic Pretty, and a black heart-shaped patent leather bag from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. Tau is also carrying a black ruffled parasol to complete her look. Tau’s favorite fashion brands are Kill Remote, Chloma and Angelic Pretty, and she loves listening to the music of Japanese Idol group, BiSH. Tau is also active on Twitter and Instagram.

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