Japanese Gothic Street Styles w/ Black Peace Now, Vivienne Westwood, Kill Star, Crazy Pig, Necromance, Demonia & New Rock

While walking along the streets of Harajuku one evening, we came across Hideka and Chihiro, a duo whose all black gothic streetwear styles easily captured our attention.

Standing at the left with partially shaved long hair is 45-year-old Chihiro, who is dressed in a resale velvet blazer, which he wore over layered tops consisting of a ripped knit shirt with a white ribs print and a black t-shirt with a plaid lining, both of which are from Black Peace Now and Men. He styled his layered tops with a distressed wrinkled leather skirt, worn over skinny pants, and a pair of platform lace-up boots with buckles and spikes from New Rock. Chihiro finished off his edgy rocker look with accessories – mostly from Crazy Pig – such as a pair of sunglasses, multiple layered pendant necklaces, multiple badges and safety pins on his blazer lapel, a studded belt, a leather spike cuff, and multiple gothic knuckle rings. In addition, Chihiro is wearing multiple studded and distressed waist bags at the back. Chihiro listens to the music of Vanished Empire, SS0RC, and Hide. For his social media updates, follow Chihiro on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Hideka – with partially shaved hair and blue bangs – stepped out in a resale black blazer, worn on top of a monochrome print top and leopard print sweatshirt from Kill Star and paired with a black skirt with an asymmetrical hem. She slipped into ripped leather tights, layered with fishnet tights, and finished off her outfit with platform buckle boots with spikes from Demonia. Hideka styled her hair with a monochrome print headband, and accessorized with black half moon earrings, a black fringed scarf tied around her neck, badges on her lapel, a studded o-ring belt, a Vivienne Westwood armor ring, and multiple knuckle rings. Most of the accessories are from Necromance. Hideka wore a black distressed sling bag, and also a pink bow handbag from Vivienne Westwood. Hideka likes to shop at Vivienne Westwood, Territory and Kill Star, and she likes the music of Vanished Empire, X Japan, SS0RC, and Hide.

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