Catching our eye on the Harajuku street one fine evening is Kanji, an 18-year-old student whose handmade avant-garde look made him a standout.

Kanji stepped out in a black sweatshirt worn underneath a mustard yellow button down shirt, which he tucked into matching yellow corduroy pants. He styled his basic outfit with a sheer hot pink capelet, red vinyl jacket sleeves slung across his neck, and sheer pink fabric covering his black knee-high studded boots. A handmade jeweled bottom skull mask, yellow eyeball drop earrings, and white knitted arm warmers with colorful fuzzy spikes are the finishing touches to his style. In addition, Kanji is carrying a metallic silver telephone crossbody bag from Prega.

For more of Kanji’s avant-garde streetwear looks, follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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