Japanese Idol’s All Black Jamie ANK Street Style w/ Two-Tone Hair, Face Mask, Ruffle Blouse, Asymmetrical Skirt & Bubbles Tokyo Sandals

Meet Kinaco, a 21-year-old Japanese idol whose colored hair and all black streetwear style easily caught our attention in Harajuku.

Sporting green-and-pink fringed hair, Kinaco is dressed in a Jamie ANK outfit, which consists of a black turtleneck blouse with a ruffled heart bodice, tucked into a black zipper skirt with asymmetrical hem. Black ribbed socks, heeled strappy sandals from Bubbles Tokyo, and accessories – also from Jamie ANK – such as a white bead necklace, a bead bracelet, a black watch, and a silver knuckle ring. She is also sporting a white mask.

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