Japanese Idols Street Styles w/ Purple Bob, Blue Twin Tails, Vivienne Westwood, Pinnap, Sex Pot Revenge, Goregro, Coffin Bags & Yosuke

While out and about in Tokyo, we came across these two young Japanese women sporting colorful hair and striking ensembles. They are Rokurokuroku, a member of the Japanese pop group, Last In My Cult, and Natsu, a 21-year-old Gravure idol.

Sporting a purple fringed bob at the left is Ame, who is dressed in a white Dickies tank top and bleached denim pants with cutouts, grommets and zippered details, both of which are from Pinnap. Black platform boots and a gold metallic handbag – gifted – completed her outfit. A gold cross pendant necklace and a silver butterfly belly button piercing – both from foreign online shops – are the finishing touches to her style. Pinnap and M.Y.O.B. are two of her favorite fashion brands and she enjoys listening to Lil Peep. Follow Ame on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, Rokurokuroku – with twin blue tails – stepped out in a black Sex Pot Revenge monochrome print tank top, which features a corset type neckline and grommeted plaid shoulder straps. She paired her top with a vintage red tiered plaid skirt, donned purple ankle socks and stepped into a pair of strappy platform sandals by Yosuke. She embellished her outfit with accessories such as clear visor glasses, multiple earrings, a black leather o-ring choker, a black Vivienne Westwood flask necklace and multiple knuckle rings. Some of her accessories are from Goregro and gacha-gacha. In addition, Roku is carrying a black coffin-shaped backpack and a black coffin-shaped chain sling bag, which she sourced from Demonia and BPN. Rokurokuroku lists Vivienne Westwood as her fashion favorite and she loves the music of her pop group, Last In My Cult. Follow Rokurokuroku’s social media updates on Twitter and Instagram.

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