Japanese Kawaii Street Style w/ 6%DOKIDOKI, WC Harajuku, Yoshida Channel, Yosuke & Kinji

We spotted Chami gracing the Harajuku street one evening sporting her favorite street style – a kawaii look that immediately drew the crowd’s eyes.

The 21-year-old art school student’s colorful kawaii look features a printed jacket from 6%DOKIDOKI, a striped shirt from WC Harajuku tucked into a chiffon ruffle skirt from Kinji Harajuku. She added orange tights, neon green socks, and cutout psychedelic boots from Yosuke to complete her outfit. Her accessories – some from Yoshida Channel (ヨシダチャンネル aka Yoshida Beads) – include hair clips, hair bows, multi-color braided hair falls for her twin buns hairstyle, and a pink boa feather choker layered with a kawaii charmed necklace. In addition, she is carrying a 6%DOKIDOKI camo print mesh drawstring backpack with a cute dinosaur keychain.

Chami’s favorite fashion brand is none other than the popular kawaii label, 6%DOKIDOKI. For more of her colorful kawaii styles, follow Chami on Instagram.

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