Japanese Kawaii Street Style w/ Colorful Bear Headpiece, Galaxxxy Pastel Rainbow Jacket, Teenstyle, Forever21, WEGO Wing Boots, Claire’s Unicorn Backpack, Handmade Accessories & Bold Makeup

While out on the streets of Harajuku, we came across Chami, a 22-year-old Japanese art student who we often feature on our street snaps for her eye-catching streetwear styles.

Today, Chami stepped out in a pastel rainbow-striped collarless jacket with a patterned fuzzy texture from Galaxxxy. She styled her jacket over a yellow printed Teenstyle sweater, red shorts from Forever21, and slipped into a pair of black platform boots from WEGO which feature colorful grommets, beads and yellow wings. Chami styled her hair in colorful twin braids, and donned accessories – some handmade, some from Claire’s – such as a bear headpiece with kawaii accents and colorful bows, lollipop earrings, and colorful heart bead collar necklace layered with a bear plushie necklace with multiple kawaii charms. Bold and colorful eye makeup with jewels, perfectly-drawn red lips, and a fuzzy unicorn backpack with sequins from Claire’s rounded out Chami’s eye-catching ensemble.

Kawaii streetwear brand, 6%DokiDoki, is one of Chami’s favorite brands, and she is active on Twitter and Instagram.

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