Japanese Kimono Street Styles w/ Fan, Floral Kimono, Belted Leather Corset, Striped Kimono, Geometric Kimono Jacket, Tabi Socks & Geta Sandals

Wearing beautiful kimono styles on the street in Harajuku one evening are Japanese traditional performers Tomomitsu and Maho.

At the left is Maho, a Japanese makeup artist. Her ensemble consists of a yellow floral print kimono. She styled her kimono with a floral print obi with a green and orange colorway and finished off her style with white tabi socks and geta sandals. A red and white fan completed her setup. For more of Maho’s kimono street styles, visit her feed on Instagram and Twitter.

A Japanese traditional dancer, Tomomitsu – at the right – is dressed in a black-and-white striped kimono. She also wore a purple-and-gold geometric print kimono jacket, a belted leather corset over a red obi, white tabi socks and white slippers to finish off her look. Tomomitsu enjoys the music of Marilyn Manson and she is also active on Instagram.

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