Japanese Mens Streeetwear w/ Vintage Cropped Blazer, Perverze, Balenciaga & Pameo Pose Waist Bag

Here’s Ryuma, a vintage shop staffers in oversized streetwear we met on the street in Harajuku.

The 20-year-old donned a vintage oversized cropped blazer with wide lapels. He wore it over a Perverze collared shirt styled with a striped green necktie. Ryuma also wore loose vintage grey pinstriped pants, white socks, and Balenciaga lace-up sneakers. He finished off his look with vintage oversized glasses, a Pameo Pose waist bag, and shaggy black hair with bangs and blond highlights.

Ryuma’s fashion favorite is Penguin Tripper, and you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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