Japanese Model in Stylish Knit Wear w/ Converse, Vans & Maison Margiela

While walking along the Harajuku street, we came across Old Suguru, a 20-year-old fashion model who caught our eye with his street dressing style.

Today, Old Suguru’s look consists of a cream ribbed knit jacket from Converse with a dark blue lining, which he wore over a Vans knit sweater, cropped vintage khaki pants, and black split toe boots from Maison Margiela. He is carrying a vintage striped bowler bag, and accessorized with a dark blue newsboy hat, and a fuzzy striped fur muffler.

Old Suguru mentioned that he likes many kinds of fashion brands, and that he loves hip hop music. For his social media updates, follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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