Japanese Pop Idol & Fashion Designer in Handmade Style w/ Beret, Zebra Cropped Shirt, Center Slit Star Skirt, Chrome Hearts Accessories & Chanel Quilted Backpack

Catching our attention on the Harajuku street with his striking, color-coordinated look is Yuki, the 24-year-old fashion designer and Pop Idol.

The fashion designer stepped out in a head-to-toe handmade outfit from his own brand, which consists of a monochrome black-and-white zebra print button down cropped shirt, a black, red, and white long sleeve shirt with floral and skull prints, a black faux leather front-slit skirt with white star prints and black tights with red side stripes. Yuki finished off his look with black printed socks, black leather lace-up shoes with silver studded front straps, and a black Chanel quilted backpack. His accessories – a mix of handmade and Chrome Hearts – include a red beret, eyebrow piercings, multiple ear piercings and studs, sunglasses, a black leather o-ring choker, a silver chain pendant necklace, a silver watch, a black leather o-ring bracelet, silver chain bracelets and multiple silver knuckle rings.

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