Japanese Pop Idol, Model & Cosplayer in Graphic Streetwear w/ Teal Hair, Hellcat Punks Beret, Tokyo Punkidz, H.Naoto & Vivienne Westwood x Buffalo Printed Platform Boots

While out walking the streets of Tokyo, we came across Yuriko Tiger, the popular 25-year-old Pop Idol, model and cosplayer.

This afternoon, teal-haired Yuriko is dressed in a graphic streetwear style, which consists of a Vivienne Westwood graphic shirt with playing card print, worn over a monochrome print top from Tokyo Punkidz. Monochrome print cropped pants from H.Naoto, red-and-black printed platform boots with brown leather buckle straps from Vivienne Westwood x Buffalo, a black suede Hellcat Punks beret, and accessories – mostly Vivienne Westwood – such as a black leather spike choker with chains, an orb pendant necklace, a leather o-ring bracelet, a leather belt ring, and multiple knuckle rings rounded out her graphic style. In addition, Yuriko is toting a monochrome print canvas tote bag and a black leather sling bag with paint splatter prints, both of which are from Vivienne Westwood.

Yuriko’s fashion favorite is Vivienne Westwood, and she enjoys the music of Billie Eilish, Sim and Anna Tsuchiya. For her social media updates, follow Yuriko on Twitter and Instagram.

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