Japanese Singer/Songwriter in Monochrome Street Style w/ Pink-Tipped Updo, Bra Harness, Dolls Kill Striped Top, Tulle Skirt & Platform Glitter Boots

Meet Mi-Yu, a singer/songwriter whose monochrome street fashion attracted our attention on the Harajuku street.

Sporting a black-and-white updo with pink hair tips, Mi-Yu stepped out in a black bralette top, layered with a monochrome semi-sheer striped sweatshirt from Dolls Kill. She paired her top with a short tulle skirt in matching stripes, and stepped into black platform glitter zipper boots with silver star pendants. Silver chain earrings, a black nose ring, a red o-ring choker, and a black leather studded bra harness with florets are the finishing touches to her striking look.

Mi-Yu lists Damage, M.Y.O.B. and Dolls Kill as her fashion favorites, and she is active on both Twitter and Instagram.

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