Japanese Street Fashion w/ Forever21 Rainbow Sweater, Kol Me Baby, Glad News Ripped Jeans, Demonia Platforms, Angel Blue, 6%DokiDoki Badges & Vivienne Westwood

While out for the weekend in Harajuku, we were happy to see Uri, a genderless 26-year-old model and performer.

Uri is clad in a rainbow knit sweater from Forever21, worn over a leopard print shirt from Kol Me Baby. They donned neon-colored tights underneath black ripped denim pants from Glad News, and stepped into a pair of white buckled platform boots from Demonia. Their accessories – mostly from Vivienne Westwood – include a rainbow glitter heart hair tie, heart-shaped eyeglasses, a silver chain necklace with an orb pendant, multiple armor rings, and kawaii badges from 6%DokiDOki pinned to his knit sweater. In addition, Uri is carrying a blue Angel Blue jelly bag.

Uri lists Vivienne Westwood as their favorite brand, and they like the music of Sheena Ringo. Follow Uri on Instagram and Twitter.

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