Japanese Street Style w/ Vampire Fangs, Never Mind the XU, Snakeskin Cutout Pants, ME Harajuku & Yosuke Platforms

Meet Moena, a 16-year-old Japanese student we met on the streets of Harajuku one afternoon.

Sporting blonde hair with a green highlights, Moena is dressed in a white cropped sweatshirt with dragon prints and cutout detail from Never Mind the XU. She styled her top with red-and-black snakeskin convertible strap pants with flared hems, and completed her outfit with black platform lace-up booties with studded details from Yosuke. She embellished her style with accessories – mostly from (ME) Harajuku – such as multiple silver earrings, vampire fangs and spiked labret piercings, a black leather choker with chain harness straps, and a black leather grommet belt. In addition, Moena is carrying a black patent leather sling bag, also from (ME) Harajuku.

Moena loves to shop at Faith Tokyo, and she is active on Twitter and Instagram.

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