Japanese Street Style w/ Floral Print Shirt, Cut Out Pants, Converse Sneakers & Hello Kitty Handbag

Meet Kaiya, an 18-year-old who is a familiar face on the streetwear scene.

Today, Kaiya’s striking remake/resale outfit consists of a floral print shirt with contrast grey front pockets and sheer puff sleeves, worn over a white t-shirt and a black long sleeve mesh top. He styled his layered tops with a red paisley print bandana fashioned into a necktie and embellished with binder clips. Black cut out pants – with red contrast piping, snap closure buttons at the sides, and grommet belt strap details – paired with white Converse sneakers, and a pink Hello Kitty handbag rounded out Kaiya’s street style.

Kaiya loves listening to the music of Japanese female idol group, Nogizaka46, and he is active on Instagram.

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