Japanese Street Styles w/ Purple Hair, Bucket Hat, School Uniform, Pokemon Psyduck Bag, GGD Shirt, Skinny Pants & Dr. Martens

While walking along the streets of Harajuku one afternoon, we came across Shion and Yuma, two teens with striking outfits.

At the left is Shion, a 15-year-old student. She is dressed in a school uniform with a dark blue blazer, worn over a white button down shirt, which she tucked into a pleated plaid skirt. A red shirt bow, tan socks, black patent leather bow shoes, and a yellow Pokemon Psyduck sling bag completed her outfit.

Meanwhile, purple-haired Yuma stepped out in a dark purple oversized button down shirt from GGD, white skinny pants, and black lace-up leather shoes from Dr. Martens. The 16-year-old model finished off his look with a black printed bucket hat, pink-tinted round sunglasses, silver chain earrings and a silver safety pin necklace. Yuma loves to shop at Cote Mer, and he is active on Instagram.

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