We came across Ritsuki and Yukinari, two Japanese teens whose blonde and purple bobs and casual street styles easily caught our eye on the Harajuku street.

At the left, blonde-haired Yukinari is dressed in a remake grey plaid blazer with its sleeves ripped off, worn over a hand-me-down distressed Sex Pistols band shirt, and styled with remake black loose pants with ripped hems. The 19-year-old finished off his remake style with mismatched blue and aqua socks, Nike white sneakers with crayon colorings, and accessories from A’gem such as multiple ear piercings and earrings, a silver chain necklace and a vintage leather belt. Yukinari’s favorite fashion brand is Kobinai, and he enjoys the music of Hide. Follow Yukinari on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Ritsuki – a 19-year-old purple-haired student – donned a white printed t-shirt from LT Tokyo over a black shirt, and neon green pants from Kinji. He slipped into Hoka One One sneakers, and accessorized with black hoop earrings, an Ambush lighter holder necklace, a Vivienne Westwood leather belt strapped across his chest, a black patent leather grommet belt worn over his white shirt, a gold and silver bracelet, and multiple silver rings, some of which are from Valentino. Ritsuki’s fashion favorites are 99%IS- and Ambush, and he likes listening to K-pop music. Ritsuki is also active on Instagram.

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