Monochrome Japanese Streetwear Style w/ Depression Tribe, GG Design, Kenzo, Supreme & Nike Sneakers

Here’s Shota, the Japanese male model and musician who is well known in the Harajuku streetwear scene.

This time, Shota is clad in a monochrome ensemble, which consists of a kanji print sweater from Depression Tribe, worn over a graphic top by GG Design and paired with black shorts with white embroidery, also sourced from Depression Tribe. For a pop of color, Shota slipped into blue Nike sneakers, donned a black Supreme denim cap, and wore accessories – some from Kenzo – such as black horn earrings, purple tassel earrings with mahjong tiles, a silver wristwatch, and beaded bracelets.

Yohji Yamamoto is Shota’s favorite Japanese fashion designer, and he likes listening to rock and city pop music genres. For more on Shota, check him out on Twitter and Instagram.

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