Japanese Streetwear in Harajuku w/ Avalone See Through Jacket, Metallica Tee & LAD Musician Boots

Tsukasa is a 17-year-old student we met while walking along the Harajuku street. He easily caught our eye with his see through jacket and brightly colored fashion style.

Sporting a bob hairstyle, Tsukasa’s look consists of a see through jacket from Avalone, a black Metallica band shirt, which he wore over a yellow turtleneck sweatshirt, vintage red pants, LAD Musician leather boots, and a vintage Zipbag by Aquvii see through tote bag. He accessorized with statement sunglasses, a single hoop earring, silver knuckle rings, and a wallet chain.

Tsukasa’s favorite vintage shop is Kinji Harajuku. Follow him on Instagram or Twitter for his updates.

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