Japanese Streetwear Styles, Pink Hair, Tattoos, Vintage Tees, Plaid Pants, George Cox Creepers

While out on the Harajuku street one early evening, we came across Korin and Viral Booy, two pink/red-haired Japanese teens whose striking street styles caught our eye.

At the left is Korin, a 19-year-old New Tokyo staffer. He is clad in a vintage blue sleeveless top with distressed details, which he tucked into black denim pants with side pockets. He finished off his casual street style with black Oyaji sneakers, and wore accessories – some gifted – such as silver hoop earrings, a black leather belt, and silver chains. Korin mentioned that his favorite brand is Amaterasu Nishikoyama, and that he likes listening to Kiwami On The Beats. Korin is active on Instagram, follow him!

Meanwhile, Viral Booy – a 16-year-old student – is dressed in a vintage black sleeveless shirt, which he paired with plaid pants and white George Cox sneakers. He augmented his ensemble with silver statement tribal earrings, layered ball chain necklaces, a black grommet belt, silver chains, and a pink Don Quixote crossbody bag. Viral Booy enjoys the music of Fox4g, and he is also active on Instagram.

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