Japanese Streetwear w/ Vintage Fashion, Gallerie, Vivienne Westwood, Gucci, Yosuke & Never Mind the XU

We spotted Japanese students Sagumo and Mappi, whose striking printed street styles caught our eye in Harajuku.

Sagumo wore a vintage red plaid blazer with a white T-shirt and vintage plaid pants. The 16-year-old student also wore brown snakeskin platform boots with towering wooden block heels. Her accessories – some of which are from Gallerie – include a red beret, sunglasses with a chain strap, and a black crossbody bag. Sagumo gets her style inspiration from M.Y.O.B., and she loves listening to music from G-Dragon. For more on Sagumo, follow her on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Mappi donned a vintage dark green knit vest over a vintage red long-sleeved top. He also wore grey striped shorts from Vivienne Westwood, red-and-green printed tights, and Yosuke black creepers. A Gucci brown crossbody bag and accessories – some of which are from Never Mind the XU – such as a snake ring, a gold chain earring, and a black leather choker completed his look. Mappiā€™s favorite fashion brand is Gucci, while his favorite musical artist is G-Dragon.

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