Japanese Menswear Style w/ Blue Hair, Hajime Sorayama x Kawi Jamele T-Shirt, Focus Flared Pants, Louis Vuitton & Bershka

Meet Zaki, a 19-year-old fashion college student we met on the streets of Harajuku.

Sporting bright blue hair, Zaki is wearing a white graphic print shirt from Hajime Sorayama x Kawi Jamele, which he tucked into black flared pants from Focus. He stepped into blue crocodile leather heeled boots from Bershka, and accessorized his look with a satin striped neckerchief, hoop earrings, a black studded belt, a silver chain bracelet, a black arm sleeve, and a Louis Vuitton keychain purse.

Zaki loves to shop at M.Y.O.B., and he is active on Instagram.

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