Japanese Styles w/ Vivienne Westwood World’s End Hat, Koizumi Sleeveless Tee, Handmade & Vintage Fashion, Gibson, Fetis, Tripp NYC Cheetah Pants, Dolls Kill & Dr. Martens

We caught up with Sakuran and Ichimatsu-kun, two students whose eye-catching streetwear looks definitely caught our attention on the Harajuku street.

At the left is Sakuran, a 19-year-old fashion college student. She is dressed in a blue Koizumi t-shirt with cut-off sleeves, worn over a handmade cow print turtleneck sweatshirt, which features ruffle trims and neon green side fringes. She paired her layered tops with leopard print tights, worn underneath handmade jeans embellished with studs, sequins and side fringes. Silver platform heeled boots from Dolls Kill, and a black leather school backpack completed her ensemble. Yellow shoelaces for her short orange twin tails, colorful eye makeup with face stickers, and a pink belt are the finishing touches to her look. Sakuran loves to shop at Runurunu, and she is active on Twitter.

Meanwhile sporting long blonde hair at the right, Ichimatsu-kun stepped out in a vintage Boy London black leather vest, which he wore over a black asymmetrical neckline shirt from Gibson. He donned resale Tripp NYC pink cheetah print skinny pants and stepped into a pair of black knee-high lace-up boots from Dr. Martens. He accessorized his look with a tall teal Vivienne Westwood World’s End hat, vintage Boy London chain-strap sunglasses, a black studded leather belt, a black leather keychain fob, and a black leather wraparound zipper bracelet from Fetis. In addition, the 20-year-old producer and designer is carrying a black sling bag from Coleman. George Cox is Ichimatsu-kun’s favorite fashion brand, and he likes the music of X Japan. Ichimatsu-kun is active on Twitter and Instagram.

Also, check out Ichimatsu-kun’s brand, CameLion, on Twitter and Instagram.

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