Japanese Teen in Dark Harajuku Fashion w/ Prega, Listen Flavor, H&M, Yosuke & Lilicious

While taking a walk along the streets in the Harajuku neighborhood, we came across Moeka, a 16-year-old student who we often feature on our street snaps because of her eye-catching streetwear styles.

Today, Moeka is sporting an all black look, which features a black parka jacket from Prega with a drawstring waist and 4 front pockets. She paired the jacket a black t-shirt and two-tone black and silver skintight jeans from Listen Flavor, which she tucked into platform mid-calf lace up boots with block heels from Yosuke. She is carrying a cute transparent box clutch with gold chain from Lilicious, and she accessorized with a black shield visor sunglasses, a leather studded collar necklace with layered chains, a black watch, and a statement web and spider knuckle ring, most of which are from H&M.

Moeka’s favorite fashion brand is Kobinai and she likes listening to anime songs. Follow Moeka on Twitter and Instagram for her social media updates.

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