Japanese Teen Model & Actress A-pon in Bold Colors w/ RRR Show Room, Forever21, Thank You Mart, Chicago, Claire’s & Peco Club

Tonight we had the pleasure of bumping into A-pon on the Harajuku street. The popular 13-year-old model and actress is a familiar face on the streetwear fashion scene.

A-pon – sporting twin buns – is clad in a pink zipper jacket, which she wore over a blue RRR Showroon cable knit sweater and a yellow striped Chicago button down shirt. Keeping to her colorful style, she donned a red denim skirt, wore bright yellow socks from Thank You Mart over blue tights, and sported white platform sneakers. A pink fuzzy Forever21 belt bag is strapped across her shoulders, and she accessorized with yellow hair clips and hoop earrings from Peco Club and cute pink shoe earrings from Claire’s. To complete her rainy-day outfit, she is carrying a sheer umbrella.

RRR Showroom is one of A-pon’s favorite fashion labels, and as always, she loves the music of Lady Gaga. Follow A-pon’s colorful lifestyle on Instagram.

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