Japanese Teen Streetwear & Colorful Hairstyles in Tokyo w/ Fetis, Monomania, WEGO & Vintage Fashion

While near Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, we came across this trio of 18-year-old students sporting colorful hair and outfits. They are – from left to right – Akira, Towy, and Ren. Let’s take a look at their individual outfits:

Akira – sporting light purple hair – is wearing a monochrome ensemble consisting of a black long sleeve shirt over a white Fetis sweatshirt with extra long sleeves, black wide leg pants, and WEGO boots. He accessorized with an o-ring necklace. Follow him on Instagram.

At the middle sporting yellow hair, Towy’s colorful neon outfit consists of vintage clothing such as an orange coat over a neon green vest and a peach long sleeve shirt, pink pants, and black loafers. His accessories include silver earrings, two belts, and he is carrying a tan crossbody bag. Towy’s favorite fashion brands are Kinji, Dog Harajuku and San To Nibun No Ichi. He likes listening to Yentown. Towy is active on Instagram.

And at the right, Ren’s outfit features a purple long sleeve shirt over a white shirt, black Monomania drop crotch cuffed pants, and GU sneakers. His accessories include mismatched earrings, sunglasses, a striped belt, and rings from Monomania. Ren told us his favorite brands are Warp, Monomania and H>Fractal. His favorite artist/band is Dubstep.

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