Japanese Teen Trio in Fun & Colorful Streetwear Styles

During a recent stroll to the Harajuku neighborhood, we came upon this trio of students who easily caught our eye with their fun and colorful street styles. Let’s take a closer look at their outfits:

First up is 16-year-old Miori, whose yellow sporty outfit consists of a Kappa jacket and matching track pants, which they wore with a black Lady Gaga t-shirt from WC and platform patent leather zipper boots. To accessorize, twin-tailed Miori wore yellow visor sunglasses, black goggles worn around their neck, and a purple belt. In addition, Miori is carrying a blue sling bag from Faith Tokyo. Kinji and Moschino are two of Miori’s favorite brands, and they loves the music of Lady Gaga and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Follow Miori on Twitter and Instagram.

At the middle is 15-year-old Billimayu, clad in shades of purple and pink. He is dressed in an oversized purple sweater with “God’s Child” print, layered over a pink long sleeve shirt from Forever21 and vintage plaid pants. He completed his fun outfit with black chelsea boots from H&M, a zebra-striped backpack he bought online, and a pink star print cap (hanging from his backpack). Moschino is Billimayu’s fashion favorite, and he likes the music of Big Bang. Billimayu is also active on Instagram.

Meanwhile, aqua-haired Kenta’s look features a brown faux fur jacket from Forever21, which he styled with a printed t-shirt from Galaxxxy, and Budweiser print jogger pants – bought in Kinsella. Blue angel print socks, Nike tan sneakers, and accessories such as large hoop earrings, a Vivienne Westwood studded orb necklace layered with other silver necklaces, a leather cuff bracelet with charms, silver knuckle rings, and a fuzzy leopard print coin purse completed his ensemble. Check out Kenta’s feed on Instagram.

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