Japanese Teen Trio Streetwear Styles w/ Vampire Fangs, Plaid Vest, Tommy Hilfiger, Sheer Dress, Merry Jenny, Converse & Resale Fashion

Here’s Riko, Haruto and Haruka – three teens with eye-catching streetwear looks we came across on the Harajuku street.

At the left is 17-year-old Haruto, who stepped out in a resale outfit consisting of a red-and-white checkered shirt, a grey plaid vest, and resale Tommy Hilfiger cuffed denim pants with ripped details. Resale lace-up boots and resale accessories such as silver hoop earrings, a silk scarf tied around his neck and multiple rings. In addition, Haruto is sporting vampire fang piercings. Japanese streetwear brand, Comme des Garcons, is Haruto’s fashion favorite, and he likes listening to The Brothers, Slipknot, Migos and Led Zeppelin. Haruto is active on Instagram.

Sporting a sheer white look at the middle is Riko, a 17-year-old student. She is dressed in a sheer white dress, worn over a white mandarin collar shirt. Black-and-white Merry Jenny checkered shorts, white ribbed socks, and resale ruffle slides completed her outfit. She is also carrying a white waist bag. Riko loves to shop at Merry Jenny, and she loves the music of Creephyp. Follow Riko on Instagram and Twitter.

Meanwhile, Haruka Hoshi is clad in a leopard print shirt over a grey t-shirt and paired with denim jeans, all of which are resale items. Black Converse sneakers and a black leather grommet belt rounded out his casual style. The 18-year-old student loves to browse at resale shops, and she likes the music of The Cardigans. Haruka is also active on Twitter.

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