Japanese Teens Styles w/ Pink Hair, Purple Bangs, Braided Hair, Cat Eye Sunglasses, Vintage Dress, M.Y.O.B. Overalls, Remake Top, Leopard Print Blazer, Utility Vest, Louis Vuitton Bag & John Lawrence Sullivan Loafers

Catching our attention on the Harajuku street with their striking and colorful ensembles is this group of five teens. From left to right, they are: Dai, Shunsuke Masuko, Natsumi Koseki, Kan Yamada and Lisa. Let’s take a closer look at their individual streetwear styles.

At the far left is Dai, who is clad in a resale outfit which consists of a dark blue blazer with leopard print sleeves, a yellow utility vest cinched with a black belt, and a dark blue printed shirt. The 18-year-old student paired his layered tops with orange track pants with blue and white side stripes, tucked them into black socks, and stepped into a pair of black patent leather zipper boots from Yosuke. His accessories – mostly from Spinns – include black cat eye sunglasses, silver ear cuffs, a spider pendant necklace, a silver armor ring and a pinkie ring. In addition, he is sporting a Fendi logo print sling bag. For more of his streetwear looks, follow Dai on Instagram.

Next to Dai is Shunsuke Masuko, a 16-year-old student. Shunsuke stepped out in a remake top, which features a red utility vest attached with safety pin earrings to a white printed shirt with attached blue long flared sleeves. He paired his remake top with black wide leg textured pleather pants from Never Mind the XU, and finished off his look with black platform boots from Demonia. His accessories – mostly from Home Center and remake – consist of a head mask made of denim and a paisley print scarf, a silver pendant necklace, safety pin embellishments,
and oversized chain trims. Dog Harajuku and Keisuke Yoshida are two of Shunsuke’s favorite fashion brands, and he is also active on Instagram.

At the center is Natsumi Koseki sporting a two-tone braided hairstyle. The 19-year-old student is dressed in grey overalls from M.Y.O.B., which feature a notched lapel, buttons, a belted waist, white writing print and cuffed hems. She styled her overalls with black lace-up platform shoes from Demonia, and accessorized her look with multiple ear studs and piercings and a silver orb pendant necklace, most of which are from Vivienne Westwood. In addition, Natsumi is carrying a black quilted backpack from Kobinai. Natsumi loves to shop at MYOB and Kobinai, and she likes the music of Hiroshin. For more on Natsumi, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Sporting pink hair with purple bangs at the right is Kan Yamada. The 18-year-old student’s style consists of a resale black blazer, worn over a graphic print sweatshirt from Chicago, and black printed Jet Pilot trouser shorts from Kinji. Printed socks, silver John Lawrence Sullivan lace-up loafer shoes, and a Louis Vuitton logo print crossbody bag rounded out his outfit. Kan embellished his style with Spinns accessories such as silver kanji earrings, an eyebrow piercing, a kanji print necklace, a pair of goggles, purple and yellow chains, and multiple knuckle rings. Kan loves to shop at Focus, and he is also active on Instagram.

Meanwhile, at the far right we have pink-haired Lisa, whose outfit features a vintage white knit vest with blue contrast stripes, which she wore over a vintage sheer long sleeve dress with a black net-like overlay. She finished off her style with white socks, white lace-up leather boots from Yosuke, and a vintage colorblock crossbody bag with patchwork detailing. Jenny Fax is Lisa’s fashion favorite, and she enjoys the music of Creephyp and Gesu no Kiwami Otome. Follow Lisa on Twitter and Instagram.

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