Japanese Trio Streetwear Styles w/ Brooks Brothers, Perverze, Dr. Martens, Bigotre, Atmos Pink & Murral

In Harajuku, we came across this trio sporting chic streetwear ensembles. They are Nanami, Ryo and Ayayan. Let’s take a closer look at their individual outfits.

Sporting a light aqua hairstyle is Nanami, a 22-year-old model. She stepped out in a long black faux leather coat from Brooks Brothers, styled with a vintage U2 shirt and black turtleneck sweater. She donned blue satin cropped pants from Perverze, stepped into a pair of black leather Dr. Martens boots, and accessorized her look with black headphones, silver hoop earrings, and a black leather crossbody bag from Bigotre. Nanami loves listening to the music of The Smiths, and she is active on Instagram and Twitter.

At the middle we have Ryo, a 21-year-old assistant editor. He is dressed in a floral print furry coat, which he wore over a white turtleneck sweater and white pants. Black rubber boots and a black belt finished off his streetwear ensemble. Follow Ryo on Instagram for more of his streetwear looks.

Meanwhile, 22-year-old Ayayan is wearing a black leather jacket with furry leopard print sleeves. She wore a black shirt underneath the jacket, a black pleated skirt from Atmos Pink, and black thigh-high leather boots. A black velvet beret, a gold chain necklace, and a white translucent waist bag from Murral are the finishing touches to her style. Ayayan is also active on Instagram, follow her!

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