Japanese Vintage Fashion Buyer & Model in Vivienne Westwood Streetwear Style w/ Safety Pin Cheek Piercing, Tripp NYC Cropped Jacket, Printed Tunic Dress, Sheer Stockings & Rocking Horse Shoes

Making a statement on the Harajuku street with their eye-catching ensemble is Kifujin, the popular vintage fashion buyer and streetwear personality we often feature on our street snaps section.

This rainy night, Kifujin stepped out in a yellow cropped motorcycle jacket from Tripp NYC, layered over a white printed tunic dress from the Vivienne Westwood World’s End collection. Sheer stockings with neon green tree prints, black lace-up rocking horse shoes from Vivienne Westwood, a black duffel bag and a black leather clasp purse sling bag rounded out their street style. Black eye makeup, blue lipstick, a safety pin cheek piercing, gauge earrings, a silver spiked chain necklace and a yellow umbrella are the finishing touches to their eye-catching style.

For their social media updates and style feed, follow Kifujin on Instagram.

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