Japanese Teens in Vintage Street Styles w/ Yosuke, Gallerie, Spinns, WEGO, Ozz Croce & Diminish

We stumbled upon a group of stylish Japanese teenagers, whose striking outfits caught our attention in Tokyo.

In the middle is 16-year-old student Rumpa in a green plaid skirt from Spinns. She wore a Zara clear jacket over a Gallerie white sheer top and white graphic crop top. Rumpa also wore black socks with a Michael Jackson graphic print and Yosuke creepers with black-and-red laces. Her accessories – some of which are from Zara – include a black beret, orange sunglasses, multicolored dangling earrings, a necktie with a map print, a wide red belt, and chunky rings. Red lips and a Zara black-and-white striped bag completed her look. Rumpa loves shopping at Gallerie and listening to music from Aimyon. For more on Rumpa, follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

On the left is Miyabi in a pink beret and a vintage purple pleated skirt. The 18-year-old student wore a vintage denim vest over a vintage blue long-sleeved top. Miyabi styled them with a white ruffle detail, a leopard print belt, white tights, red printed socks, and vintage red creepers. She finished off her look with bright red lips, multiple ear piercings, and a black satchel from WEGO. Miyabi’s favorite clothing store is Kinji, and she posts social media updates on Instagram and Twitter.

Finally, 17-year-old student Mash had on a burgundy beret and a faux fur scarf. He wore a grey striped long-sleeved top from Ozz Croce under a Forever 21 denim coat. Mash also wore vintage white pants and vintage brown snakeskin zip-up boots with high block heels. His accessories – some of which are from Diminish – include an embellished choker, orange-tinted sunglasses, hoop earrings, several rings, and a chain necklace with a pendant. Red lips and black nails provided the finishing touches to his look. Mash gets his fashion favorites from UNIF, Joyrich, and M.Y.O.B. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with his social media updates.

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