Harajuku Guy in Juvenile Hall Roll Call, Mihara Yasuhiro, Chubby Bros & Maison Martin Margiela

Yu is a 20-year-old guy we snapped in Harajuku. He told us that he is part of the Ocean Dining Bar Delfini staff.

Yu is wearing a jacket from Chubby Bros over a Juvenile Hall Roll Call shirt and Mihara Yasuhiro shorts. His rucksack is from the Japanese brand Undercover and his sneakers are Maison Martin Margiela. His badge is from HEI HEI, while some of his jewelry – including floral earrings, necklace and metallic rings – is by Alice Black.

Yu’s favorite shops/brands include Juvenile Hall Roll Call, Kidill, Alice Black and Honey’s Dead. Learn more about him by following his Twitter and Instagram.

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