Katie Eary Top, YRU Platforms, Adidas & Nike in Harajuku

We met Kathy and Weiki on the street in Harajuku. Kathy is a student at Tokyo’s famous Bunka Fashion College and Weiki is a hair designer. They are both originally from Taiwan.

Kathy is wearing a Katie Eary top with graphic leggings and YRU platforms. Accessories include Beats headphones, sunglasses, and a tassel shoulder bag. Kathy’s favorite Tokyo boutiques include GR8 Harajuku and Candy Shibuya. For more info, find her on Facebook.

Weiki is wearing a graphic top with black shorts and Nike Air Jordan Sneakers. Accessories include gold chain necklaces, a Boy London hat, gold rings, and an Adidas backpack. His favorite fashion brands are Joyrich and Boy London. As far as music, he likes Lana Del Rey and electronica. Find him on Facebook as well.

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