Kawaii Fashion w/ Pink Hair, Angel Blue Spaghetti Strap, Angel Blue Denim Shorts, Little Sunny Bite Kermit The Frog Crossbody Bag, Skechers White Sneakers & Daisy Lovers Accessories

With hot pink hair and a colorful kawaii outfit, Kinji staffer Chi-chan is easy to spot on the streets of Harajuku.

Chi-chan stepped out wearing an Angel Blue red spaghetti strap layered over a blue undershirt. She paired these tops with Angel Blue dark denim shorts and white Skechers shoes worn with butterfly socks. Complementing her kawaii look is a Kermit The Frog pink crossbody bag from Little Sunny Bite. To round up her outfit, Chi-chan added a pink belt with a small belt bag and also wore accessories from Daisy Lovers, including a butterfly hair accessory and an apple beaded necklace.

Chi-chan shared with us that she loves shopping resale. You can see more of her style on her Instagram account.

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