Kawaii Harajuku Hadeko Street Styles w/ Fuzzy Monster Hat, Heart Glasses, M&Ms Necklace, Lego Backpack, Panama Boy, Angel Blue, Buffalo & Tokyo Bopper

Catching our eye on the Harajuku street with their colorful hadeko streetwear looks are Ugko and Hassy.

At the left we have Ugko, an English teacher. She stepped out in a blue shiny jacket with colorblock pink-and-yellow trims from Panama Boy, which she wore over a resale pink tank top. She paired her tops with a neon green printed short skirt from Daredevil, worn over pink heart print pants with fringes from Yoshida-san. White platform sneakers from Buffalo, an Angel Blue drawstring backpack, and accessories such as a fuzzy monster hat, colorful flower hair clips, glitter eye makeup, layered necklaces, an M&M long necklace, a smiley face neck wallet, colorful beaded bracelets, and multiple rings rounded out her colorful look. Ugko loves to shop at UNIF, and she loves the music of Mura Masa and Still Woozy. For more on Ugko, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, Hassy is dressed in a pink Adidas jacket, worn over a multicolored knit top and a short pink pleated dress. The Japanese baker also wore a sheer purple ruffle skirt, rainbow socks over white tights, and brown Tokyo Bopper ankle-wrap platform shoes. She embellished her look with decora hair accessories, a pink bow headband, heart-shaped eyeglasses, layered necklaces, heart print suspenders, colorful rings and stacked beaded bracelets. In addition, she is toting a pink LEGO backpack. Hassy’s favorite fashion brand is Pink House, and she listens to Summer Salt and Yumi Zouma. Hassy is also active on Instagram.

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