Kawaii Harajuku Street Style w/ Listen Flavor, Galaxxxy, WEGO, Min Plume & Handmade Items

It was difficult to miss 19-year-old student Yuzuremon with her purple kawaii street style in Harajuku.

She wore a white jacket with fuzzy purple trims and an embroidered bear detail. Yuzuremon wore it over a pale blue top with a purple bear graphic print from Galaxxxy. She also wore a purple plaid mini skirt from WEGO and Min Plume purple sneakers with multicolored hearts, sheer lace trims, and ribbon laces. Red lipstick, earrings from Thank You Mart, and a handmade sheer lace headdress with purple ribbons provided the finishing touches to her look.

For more on Yuzuremon, follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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